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Carmel, California
September 11 - 15, 2000

Co-hosted by:

bulletSanta Cruz Institute for Particle Physics
bulletHoward E. Haber, Chairman (
bulletStanford Linear Accelerator Center
bulletStanley J. Brodsky, Vice-Chairman (
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Proceedings Information

The Proceedings for RADCOR 2000 are now available in the Stanford Linear Accelerator Center Electronic Conference Proceedings (eConf) Archive (see eConf C000911).

Program notes from authors who submitted files are available below.

RADCOR 2000:

RADCOR 2000 followed the highly successful RADCOR 1998 meeting held in Barcelona in September, 1998. The conference focused on the applications of quantum field theory to phenomenology, with particular attention to precision tests of QCD and electroweak physics and tests for new physics beyond the Standard Model of particle physics.

Topics covered in the RADCOR 2000 meeting included:

  1. Status of precision measurements at LEP, SLC, HERA, Tevatron, BNL, the B-Factories and other experiments.
  2. Quantum field theoretical techniques for calculating electroweak and QCD radiative corrections, with applications to Standard Model and beyond the Standard Model processes.
  3. New developments in quantum field theory.
  4. Theory and phenomenology of heavy quark systems.
  5. New ideas for physics beyond the Standard Model.
  6. Radiative corrections and prospects for precision experiments at future colliders (Tevatron Run II and beyond, LHC, and future lepton colliders).

Program Notes

Electroweak Physics

David Strom (Oregon) Precision Electroweak Observables at LEP and SLD
Tord Riemann (DESY, Zeuthen) S-matrix approach to the Z resonance
Kevin McFarland (Rochester) Electroweak Physics at the Tevatron
Ansgar Denner (PSI) Leading electroweak logarithms at one loop

Heavy Quark Physics

Christos Touramanis (Liverpool) First Results from BaBar
Asish Satpathy (Cincinnati) First Results from Belle
Xin Zhao (Kansas) The Measurement of V_{cb} and Charmless Hadronic B Decays at CLEO
Ulrich Nierste (Fermilab) The width difference of B_s mesons
Stefano Bertolini (INFN, SISSA) Theory of eps'/eps
Gino Isidori (INFN, Frascati) Supersymmetric effects in rare semileptonic decays of B & K mesons
Adam Leibovich (Carnegie Mellon) V_ub from semileptonic decay and b->s gamma
Tobias Hurth (CERN) Rare B Decays at the NLL level

e+e- Physics at Present and Future Facilities

Tom Junk (Carlton) Searches at LEP2: Higgs and physics beyond the Standard Model
Stephan Wynhoff (CERN) Standard Model Physics Results from LEP2
Stefan Dittmaier (Bielefeld) Four-fermion production in e+e- annihilation
Giampiero Passarino (Torino) Single-W production, Fermion-Loop and ISR
Bennie Ward (Tennessee) Precision Predictions for WW/4f Production in e+e- Annihilation: YFSWW3/KoralW1.42/YFSZZ
Zbigniew Was (INP, Cracow) Coherent Exclusive Exponentiation of 2f Processes in e+e- Annihilation

QCD Physics

John Womersley (Fermilab) QCD at the Tevatron: current results and future prospects
R. Keith Ellis (Fermilab) NLO QCD corrections to femtobarn processes
Walter Giele (Fermilab) Phenomenological implications of parton density function uncertainties
Johan Rathsman (CERN) Conformal expansions: a template for QCD predictions
Johannes Bluemlein (DESY, Zeuthen) On the Drell-Yan-Levy Relation to O(alpha_s^2)
Rik Yoshida (ANL) HERA small-x and/or diffraction
Antonio Pich (Valencia) Physics Beyond Chiral Pertubation Theory

Beyond the Standard Model

Edmond Berger (ANL) Predictions for Associated Production of a Gaugino and a Gluino at Hadron Colliders in SUSY-QCD at NLO
Sven Heinemeyer (DESY) New results for Feynman-diagrammatic higher order corrections in the MSSM
David Garcia (CERN) Quantum corrections for the MSSM Higgs couplings to Standard Model fermions
Maria Herrero (Madrid) Decoupling properties of MSSM particles in Higgs and top decays
D.R. Tim Jones (Liverpool) Exact results for soft supersymmetry-breaking beta-functions and their applications
John Gunion (UC Davis) Do precision electroweak constraints guarantee e+e- collider discovery of at least one Higgs boson of a two-Higgs-doublet model?
Stephen Martin (Northern Illinois) Constraints on ultraviolet stability of gauge couplings in realistic supersymmetric models
Carlos Wagner (ANL) Electroweak Baryogenesis in the MSSM

Calculational Models

Rajamani Narayanan (APS and BNL) Nonperturbative simulation of chiral fermions
Thomas Gehrmann (Karlsruhe) Multi-loop non-propagator integrals
Vladimir A. Smirnov (Moscow)  "Strategy of regions" --- expansions of Feynman diagrams in both Euclidean and pseudo-Euclidean regimes
Davison Soper (Oregon) Purely numerical calculations of event-shape variables 
Zvi Bern (UCLA) Perturbative Quantization of Gauge and Gravity Theories

Precision Physics at Future Colliders

Doreen Wackeroth (Rochester) Theoretical challenges for a precision measurement of the W mass at hadron colliders
Tim Barklow (SLAC) WW Physics at Present and Future e+e- Colliders 
Jens Erler (U. Penn.) Physics Impact of a Giga Z
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